Do you start projects but can't seem to finish them?

Is working on your unfinished novel, dissertation, painting, final course paper, or other project fraught with anxiety, dread, or even hopelessness? Do you feel that your life would change for the better if only you could finish your project — but you can't?

Do you do everything in your power to avoid working, yet feel awful about yourself because you know you have it in you but just can't gather the energy necessary to do what you have to do to continue working?

I'm Dr. Liz Margoshes. a clinical psychologist living and working in New York City, and throughout my life I often struggled to finish my projects. For example, when it came to writing term papers, my doctoral dissertation, and even my own songs (a supposedly "fun" activity), I procrastinated and obsessed and felt lousy about my "work ethic".

However, after many years of experience as a psychologist (and a lot of years of my own personal therapy) I can now finish projects, meet deadlines, and know when to say "The End." And one of the most gratifying aspects of my work as a therapist now is to help other people understand why they have work-related blocks and to help them find the resources inside themselves to develop reliable motivation, good work habits, and techniques for managing anxiety. The name "Finishing School" arose as I began to observe that, while our personalities are unique, most of us have similar stumbling blocks to happiness and success. So Finishing School became my name for the process by which we can learn about ourselves and what we need to finish our projects -- a process I've developed in over 25 years of practicing psychology.

To learn more about the nature of work blocks, I've assembled on this website some of my thoughts about what keeps people from finishing their projects followed by some practical advice you may want to think about.

I am also currently available to work with you on an individual basis, either in person in my Manhattan, New York City office, or by telephone. For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also e-mail me to ask any questions you have about Finishing School or my psychotherapy practice in general.

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